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Scoring in Tennis. Love as a word for a score of zero has been used in the sport of tennis since the late 1800s. Frankly, how love became a word for zero is baffling, but so is the overall scoring system for tennis. The points progress from love to 15, 30, and 40, which are relatively equivalent to 0,1, 2, and 3 in points per game.

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Why do they say 15 love in tennis? “Love” means zero. In tennis, the server’s score is given first, so “love-fifteen” means the server has no points, the opponent has fifteen. The score in a tennis game progresses from love to fifteen to thirty to forty to game. If both players achieve forty then it’s called a deuce.

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The 6 biggest reasons you love tennis February 12, 2016 Valentine’s Day is almost here and it’s time to celebrate the love you have… for tennis! 57% of Canadians have an interest in tennis, and new players have increased two-fold in the past decade.

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In tennis scores, people have noticed that both sides have no score or no points at the start of the games, lovelove on the scoreboard. It is because the term love is considered as zero or nil in the game of tennis. A point against the opposing player brings you to 15. The next point is 30, and the third point is 40.

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Love in the tennis scoring system translates to a score of zero within a single game. For example, if you’re serving and you win the first point of a game, then the score would be 15-love. With that in mind, let’s do a quick review of how the score of love fits into a single game by outlining the point system quickly. Love: a score of zero.

Why Does ‘Love’ Mean ‘Zero’ in Tennis?

One thing that hasn’t changed though is the weird scoring system used in tennis. 'Love' Means 'Zero' Because … Eggs? Let’s start with “love” — the word that means “zero” in tennis. When a match starts, the score is zero-zero; in the tennis world, that’s called “love all.” There are a couple of theories on why.

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It refers to “honour” on the tennis court. According to this, although you have lost a point, you kept on playing tennis because it was mainly about honour. 3. The Egg as the 0. The third theory states that the French word “l’œuf” (in English “egg”) was the decisive factor for the English term “Love”. The French compared the ...

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The word tennis most likely comes from the French word tenetz — meaning “hold!” — the imperative conjugation of the verb tenir. Etymologists hypothesize that this was an early command used in the game, but there is no firm evidence to support this. Have you heard other theories about why love is used in tennis?